After the controversial announcement of the change in its privacy policy last January, Whatsapp had decided to postpone the update to take the pressure off.

Today, the courier service is speaking again to explain the next steps of this update, which, despite the ink that has been spilled, is still relevant.

Reinforced communication

While the terms of the update remain the same as those that were supposed to apply since February 8th, WhatsApp now seems to have learned from its mistakes. In order to avoid general confusion, this time the company will intensify its communication to reassure its users and clarify areas of confusion.

Thus, the messaging service will deploy on its application a banner, which will explain precisely the terms of confidentiality and the consequences of this update which, as a reminder, mainly concerns communications between individuals and businesses via WhatsApp Business.

The update of the privacy policy mainly concerns exchanges with companies.

A banner that is less aggressive than the pop-up used last January, which will however invite you to accept these new conditions if you wish to continue using the messaging service. The company also indicates that it will now use the “Status” feature to share its values and updates directly within the application.

The deployment of this new privacy policy is scheduled for May 15, 2021.

What changes and what doesn’t change after this update

As a reminder, the announcement of the WhatsApp update caused thousands of reactions on social networks in particular, due to a lack of clear communication from WhatsApp. Reading private messages, bugged conversations, ineffective encryption of communications, and other rumors had a negative impact on the application’s reputation. WhatsApp, through a dedicated page on its Help Center, wanted to clarify the consequences for users.

What changes with the new privacy policy :

  • Data sharing with Facebook as part of the WhatsApp Business service that allows you to interact with companies to improve service.
  • More transparency regarding the collection, sharing and use of user data with changes to the privacy policy.

This does not change with the new privacy policy :

  • Your personal conversations and shared content are not accessible through WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • You must always agree to share your number with a company.
  • The new terms of use do not allow WhatsApp to share more data with Facebook in order to improve its service.

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WhatsApp Spikes Its Competitors

The first announcement of WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions caused a mass exodus to other messaging systems such as Signal or Telegram. However, WhatsApp wanted to rebound from this situation by denouncing some of its competitors’ practices:

At this time, we understand that some people are looking at other applications to see what they have to offer. We’ve found that some of our competitors claim they can’t see their users’ messages; if an application doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption by default, it means your messages are visible,” said WhatsApp.

If WhatsApp now wants to show its white paw, it remains to be seen whether its users will ever trust the messaging service again.

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